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  • by Gillian Higgins with Stephanie 

    A practical guide to Training, Riding and Horse Care

    In over 350 colour photos and illustrations, Higgins use her signature technique of painting internal diagrams directly on to the bodies of living horses, to great effect.

    Horse Anatomy for Performance builds upon the success of her 2010 book, How Your Horse Moves, to examine the anatomy of 11 systems of the horse. It is with careful and clear detail that Higgins shows just how anatomy influences the way we manage, ride and train our horses.

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  • As a sports and remedial therapist for both horses and humans and a lecturer in anatomy and biomechanics, Gillian Higgins is recognised internationally for her ‘Horses Inside Out’ artworks and public demonstrations. She’s given talks to equestrian audiences from throughout the UK and around the world, receiving endorsements from high profile riders, equestrian legends the and academics including Richard Davison, Laura and Dr. Wilfred Bechtolsheimer and Christopher Bartle.

    Speaking of the new book, Higgins said ‘I hope that the book will serve as a vital resource to anyone interested in keeping a happy and healthy horse. As well as being of interest to therapists, students, and trainers, I am confident that Horse Anatomy for Performance will make a great read for all horse enthusiasts.

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